Rental agreement gives more flexibility - Case Study


Courtesy of Bramidan Balers

Sunarc Technology A/S treats glass with a special antireflection treatment for use in solar power plants and greenhouses. When the glass is delivered from various suppliers it arrives safely wrapped in paper, cardboard, plastic and styrofoam. Previously the used packaging was emptied into containers, which were picked up by the company’s waste collector against payment.

“In February 2009 we decided to use balers from Bramidan, as our waste collector, who collects and buys our plastic waste, now demanded that all our waste, both plastic and cardboard must be separated and compacted into bales before collection. At the same time we also discovered improvements in our own production processes,” says Morten Pedersen, who is the environmental assistant at Sunarc.

Instead of buying the balers, Sunarc chose to rent the machines. According to the company this was to maintain flexibility in the waste handling solution.

“When we change suppliers, the type and quantity of cardboard and paper waste also changes because they all have different types of packaging. By renting the balers we are able to maintain flexibility and adjust the waste solution if it becomes necessary”, says Morten Pedersen.

Sunarc makes money on waste
The new balers replace two smaller machines, which were only able to compact bales of max. 70 kg. These bales were too small to sell. The present waste solution, which includes 3 balers model X30 and a smaller one, make cardboard bales of 280-350 kg and plastic bales up to approx. 500 kg. Such high-density bales can be sold to the waste collector.

“Previously our waste collector had to recompact our small bales into bigger ones himself, but this took a lot of time and was rather expensive. Therefore he demanded that we made bigger bales ourselves before he would buy our waste. Now we are able to sell the waste to the waste collector without additional handling,” says Morten Pedersen.

Improvement of production process
The new machines are placed in the production close to the place where raw materials and other materials are unpacked. In this way the employees do not have to walk far to get rid of their waste. Furthermore the production area has now become tidier.

“Our employees like to have a nice and tidy workplace, and by sorting the waste so quickly there is less mess in the production area. The balers are easy to use and generally the workflow has improved considerably. We save approx. 30 working minutes every day and we can use this time for improving the quality of our own products,” explains Morten Pedersen.

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