Repacking goods must be made in a quick and efficient way - Case Study


Courtesy of Bramidan Balers

At Prime Cargo in Kolding time is an influencing factor, due to tight deadlines from customers around the world, who need goods to be transported, stored and forwarded on time.

Prime Cargo is an international forwarding company with headquarters in Kolding, Denmark. With offices and agents all over the world this company is total supplier of transport solutions at sea, on the road and in the air but also when it comes to storage and logistics.

Time is an important factor

Each day huge quantities of goods are handled for domestic and foreign customers. Many goods must be repacked, leaving a lot of cardboard waste. When tight deadlines from worldwide customers must be kept, time is an important factor.

A screw compactor resulted in a higher level of service

Previously the employees at Prime Cargo wasted much time in the waste handling process. Furthermore big quantities of cardboard waste took up space at the warehouse, which could be used for storage of customers' goods instead.

Now the employees throw their cardboard waste directly into the hopper of the compactor. No need for extra space for storage of waste. Due to the fact that the employees need not leave the building and go outside with waste anymore, they speeded up repacking, resulting in an increased service level.

They chose the Rolls Royce model

Today all three terminals in Kolding have a screw compactor installed. They compact cardboard waste from the customers' goods that are repacked and forwarded to end customers. Two of the compactors are fed manually and the third is fed automatically via a conveyer band.

The conclusion from Peter Høilund, Facility Manager at Prime Cargo is clear: 'We chose Bramidan because we wanted a waste solution where the quality corresponds to the service level, we give to our customers ourselves. We just went for the Rolls Royce model.'

The screw compactor is efficient and handles huge quantities of cardboard, even with continuous feeding. In this way Prime Cargo avoids that the waste causes unnecessary accumulation.

Collections reduced by 50%

The screw compactor is equipped with a special feeding system for thick cardboard pieces which provides an optimum compaction of waste.

Compared to the old waste solution, the quantity of compressed waste per screw compactor has now been doubled, due to the high degree of compaction.

This means that Prime Cargo have experienced considerable savings with regard to transport of full containers, and collections have been reduced by 50%.

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