Report claims biofilters provide operating costs advantages

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As much as several million dollars over a 10-year period

When determining the optimum HAP (hazardous air pollutant) and/or VOC (volatile organic compound) controls, it is imperative to assess all available options with respect to the existing and future operations at each mill. The correct choice for one application may not be best for all; and as operating conditions, raw materials, resins, waxes, additives and processes change, the existing APC (air pollution control) units may be an issue, becoming very costly to maintain and more and more expensive to operate. These factors should be assessed every few years, with long-term plans made for the future of the existing control devices and in anticipation of replacement or upgrade. One option for consideration would be replacement of existing thermal oxidizers (TOs, RTOs and RCOs) with bio-oxidation equipment (biofilters).

As fuel costs continue to increase over time, most operations managers are seeking ways to better control and lower their operating costs. Eliminating variable ex.

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