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Requirements for transport network flow models used in reliability analysis

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The network reliability of transport systems has been intensively studied in the last two decades. When we discuss network reliability models, the following four categories of topics can be identified: routing and scheduling under uncertain conditions; flow models for degraded and congested networks; evaluation and measurement of reliability; network design and management. Of these, transport network flow models are essential for evaluating network reliability with traffic congestion. In this paper, we discuss the requirements of transport network flow models that are used for network reliability analysis. The network flow models developed for an ordinary network state would be modified and applied to a recovery state of a network. The network flow model should have the characteristics of explicit link capacity constraints, decreasing demand owing to traffic congestion and uncertainty of travellers' choice behaviour. A numerical example of a network flow model is then shown using actual road network data.

Keywords: transport networks, reliability analysis, travel behaviour, user equilibrium, transport flow, flow models, transportation, traffic congestion, critical infrastructures

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