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In Need of Rescue Team Training?

Every year a number of people are killed or injured in confined spaces, like service tunnels, underground vaults and sewers. Often such tragedies could have been prevented. High quality rescue team training is the best way to prevents such accidents, and will ensure any emergencies are dealt with using the most efficient method.

Why choose us for your rescue team training?

Established in 2002, Civil Engineering Safety Limited can provide both rescue team training and assistance for rescue teams on your site. We can also supply and service your safety equipment, and offer the option of mobile training. In other words, we provide all the support needed for confined space training and First Aid training.

Based in Ramsey in Cambridge, our company deliver training throughout the UK, including in London. In 2013 we have also opened a second Training Centre in Brentwood, Essex. This makes us ideal for pretty much any company in the UK.

We have a highly experienced and fully equipped rescue team to assist with any of your enquiries.

For more information, fill in our Rescue Team Enquiry Form.

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