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Research agenda for a green economics of abundance

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An economics of abundance attempts to eliminate socially constructed scarcities by addressing people's fundamental needs and by undermining the social institutions which create scarcity by manipulating supply and demand. The overarching goal is to work towards enhancing individual freedom, social equity, and environmental sustainability, which together imply wholeness or integrity. A research agenda of an economics of abundance must focus on how to construct institutional alternatives regarding property regimes and exchange systems, how to undermine monopolies by encouraging the entry of new businesses into oligopolistic markets and by enhancing individual and community-level self-reliance, how to promote non-violent conflict resolution, how to create health-promoting environments and minimise the costs of effective healthcare, how to promote relevant research and education, and how to enhance networking towards all these goals.

Keywords: green economics, economics of abundance, individual freedom, social equity, sustainability, common property, exchange systems, self-reliance, health, education, sustainable development

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