Research at JRC in support of EU Climate Change policy making


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In recent years the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission has focussed its resources to respond to the Scientific and Technical (S/T) challenges arising from the multi-faceted aspects of EU policy. It has done so by organising its activities around the main policy areas and by establishing synergies with other sources of S/T support available in the Member States and by collaborating with EU Agencies and International Organizations.

Implementing and Monitoring the Kyoto Protocol and developing post- 2012 climate change policy is definitely an area where an integrated approach to the provision of S/T support is required. There is a clear need to understand interactions between climate change, technological change, competitiveness and different regulatory and policy approaches (e.g. economic instruments and flexible mechanisms). A strong research base must underpin such objectives.

This booklet presents the results of JRC research activities being conducted as part of the 6th Framework Program (2003-2006). Many of these activities are directly supporting the EU policy making process. During the 7th Framework Program (2007-2013) these and other activities will be coordinated within a coherent framework. This will enhance the effectiveness of the S/T support, in particular to the Directorate-General Environment, which is guiding the EU climate change policy making process.

We consider this work timely and necessary in order to help face the challenge and find an optimal way for “Winning the Battle against Global Climate Change”

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