Research & development of sound quality in lifts


The Consortium

Orona S. Coop. (manufacturer of lifts), Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa (MGEP) S. Coop. (Engineering Faculty of Mondragon University) and Ikerlan S. Coop. (Research Centre) have formed a consortium and established a stable working group of engineers to investigate the Sound Quality in Orona’s lifts.

MGEP, Ikerlan and Orona

MGEP, the Engineering Faculty of Mondragon University, has an acoustic and vibration group that works with local companies mainly in noise and vibration source identification and transfer path analy- sis, acoustic materials characterisation (absorption, damping and transmission), and sound quality.

IKERLAN is a reference centre for the innovation and comprehensive development of mechatronic and energetic products. It also actively innovates in design and production processes. Ikerlan has over 30 years of experience in combining and applying mechanics, electronics, computing, microtechnology and fuel cell technologies.

ORONA is a consolidated Business Group that is the leading independent lift manufacturer in Spain and an important reference supplier on the world scene. Orona is capable of meeting every demand for vertical transportation, however tough the design, safety and performance specifications might be.

Aim of Sound Quality Project

Orona started the sound quality project with the aim of increasing the comfort of passenger lifts. According to Unai Galfarsoro, the coordinator of the Acoustic and Vibration Group at Mondragon University, “The reason of establishing the sound quality project is the need to go beyond the traditional A-weighted sound pressure level, which is usually used to rank different noise sources, because we believe that a complete sound quality analysis gives wider and more reliable results”.

He adds, “The objective is to analyse the actual sound quality performance of the various types of Orona lifts, to correlate the sound quality with the different noise sources and to study the most suitable approaches to improve the comfort of the lifts”.

Endika Cocho, Coordinator of the Sound and Vibration department at Orona comments, “We research, manufacture, personalise, install, and assume integral maintenance services of lifts and escalators. Our continuous policy of improving and searching for excellence makes the vibrational and acoustical performances of our lifts a must”.

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