Research leads to more efficient mining projects

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Courtesy of Rocscience Inc.

Over the last 10 years underground mining excavations around the world have become more reliable and efficient, thanks to a package of software programs designed intially by researchers at the faculty.

Incorporating leading-edge geomechanics research findings into easty-to-use software tools for the geotechnical and mining industries. Professor John curran, Robert M. Smith Chair of Georechnical Mine Design and Analysis in the Department of Civil Engineering, and his team built the foundations of a thirving independent business called Rocscience Inc., while delivering much-needed computed tools to customers throughout the world.

Rocscience Inc. orginated in the 1980s in the rock Engineering Group at the Faculty. At the time, these industries were facing safety concerns and increasing development costs. They needed analytical design tools that would enable engineers to safely and economically design tunnels and other forms of excavations.

'We began to foucs our research on the design and support of underground excavations,' he siad. Meanwhile, experts at the Faculty such as Professor Evert Hoek worked with graduate students to pursue applicable solutions to these problems.

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