Research NOx Analyzers


Courtesy of Eco Physics Inc.

ECO PHYSICS provides environmental experts with exceptionally sensitive and precise NOx measurement instruments. Please take a look at our newest press release on our research NOx analyzers below.

Bound by the same laws of nature, ecology and physics are close associates in an on-going battle to preserve air quality around the globe. One of our planet's champions is Swiss-based ECO PHYSICS. The company develops, manufactures and distributes sophisticated analyzers for NO, NO2, and NOx, an important contributor to global greenhouse warming and possible causes of increased levels of tropospheric ozone. Alternatively, NOx emissions in the lower stratosphere may influence the stratospheric ozone chemistry at high altitudes. Operating principle of the analyzers is a process called chemiluminescence, commercially developed by ECO PHYSICS in an ambitious R&D program drawing on more than twenty years of expertise and know-how in environmental analysis.

The underlying chemical reaction in chemiluminescence is straight-forward: nitrogen dioxide is created by the specific reaction of nitrogen monoxide with ozone. A well defined amount of the resulting activated NO2 molecules emits a light quantum, making the light intensity proportional to the gas concentrations under examination. This selective chemical reaction offers a high degree of linearity in a wide measurement range and can be easily and consistently reproduced. ECO PHYSICS has integrated the chemi-luminescence principle in measurement and display devices aimed at both the emission and ambient or background ambient sectors depending on the sensitivity of the device.

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