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Research on 3D numerical simulation of petroleum pool–forming based on system dynamics

To solve the relationship between control and feedback control in petroleum system, this paper studies the hydrocarbon generation, expulsion, migration and accumulation (HGEMA) processes as one system which takes each process as a subsystem, analyses and determines the control and feedback control factors, the threshold value and delay time of each geological effect in these subsystems adopting the theory and method of system dynamics from multi–factor complex control characteristics. The system dynamics feedback loops of HGEMA were designed. On the basis of 3D corner point grid model (CPGM), the paper investigates HGEMA process and its 3D numerical simulation method. Using chemical–dynamic–generation, compact–expulsion and labyrinth–style–migration–accumulation methods, it researches, develops and integrates the simulation system, which was applied in Niuzhuang–Wangjiagang–block of Dongying–sag–area. Satisfactory results were obtained. The paper promotes the petroleum system dynamics simulation from 2D to 3D, which supplements, improves and perfects the system of theories and methodologies for petroleum system dynamics. [Received: March 18, 2011; Accepted: October 25, 2011]

Keywords: petroleum pool forming, system dynamics, numerical simulation, labyrinth–style, oil and gas industry, 3D simulation, pool forming simulation, feedback control, modelling, hydrocarbon generation, hydrocarbon expulsion, hydrocarbon migration, hydrocarbon accumulation

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