Residence Evicts Unpaid Tenants - Case Study


Courtesy of Bird Barrier

Many outside features of this home were populated by pigeons.

  • Location: West Coast
  • Structure: Two-Story Home
  • Type of Bird(s): Pigeon

Problem: Birds were roosting on the chimney, skylights and gutters of this house.

Customer Perspective: The homeowners have young children and were worried about the health hazards caused by birds and their feces.

Birdwire bases were glued onto this chimney and left to dry. The installer returned later that day and used 5-inch Birdwire posts to support the wire.

Impact: Droppings were creating a mess on the house and the ground below.
Installation Details: A combination of Birdwire and Bird-Flite were installed to protect this house.

Final Results: The homeowners are very happy with the results.

Summary: This is a good example of a small installation.

Birdwire runs around the perimeter of the lower and upper sections of this chimney. For added protection, the wire is run across the top in cross pattern.

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