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Residents install UVTA for added protection for EPP - case study


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Location: Stockport, UK
Problem: Protection for resident with EPP

Sunlight, Photosensitivity and EPP

During summer when we go out outside we protect ourselves with clothing, sunglasses, hats and sunscreen - we know the damage the sun can cause our skin. However, we are not only exposed to sunlight when we venture outside - glazing in windows and doors allow the sun’s rays to reach us while we are indoors too. Ultraviolet radiation is present in sunlight all year round - and reaches us even when it is cloudy.

Worldwide, there are millions of people who suffer from sensitivity to Ultra-Violet light to some degree. For many of these sufferers and their families, life has to be lived away from sunlight. EPP is one such condition. EPP is a very rare form of photosensitivity, affecting one in 300,000 people. It gives sensitivity to UV and some Visible Light, so standard UV window films offer little to no protection.

After speaking with their local NHS the residents contacted ARC Window Films who offer a range of window films for various forms of photosensitivity – including EPP.
The Installation


ARC Window Films installed a specialist UV Protection film, to help protect the resident against the sun’s rays.

“Sensitivity with EPP continues well above 400nm, so standard UV Window Films offer little to no protection. We installed a specialist window film which offers protection up to 550nm, filtering out the dangerous wavelengths, yet still lets the visible light to pass through” explains Neil Brabbs, EMEA Sales Manager at ARC.
Superior Protection with ARC UVTA Window Film

Almost all window films offer 99% UV Protection up to 380nm. Unfortunately, with most skin conditions this is not enough. Specialist clear UV protection films exist, offering protection up to 400nm. However as EPP sensitivity peaks at around 408nm,and continuing even higher, greater UV filtration is required.

ARC UVTA is an Amber coloured film which offers added protection up to 550nm – far exceeding the protection offered by alternatives.

Following the installation of ARC UVTA Window Film, the resident can enjoy natural daylight in their home without the fear of     Residential EPP Protectionpain or discomfort.

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