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Resilience of civil infrastructure systems: literature review for improved asset management


Infrastructure resilience has drawn significant attention in recent years, partly because the occurrence of low-probability and high-consequence disruptive events like Hurricane Katrina, the Indonesian tsunami, terrorism attack in New York, and others. Since civil infrastructure systems support society welfare and viability, continuous infrastructural operation is critical. Along protection approaches, resilience concepts support achievement of near-continuous infrastructure operation. A variety of frameworks, models, and tools exist for advancing infrastructure resilience research. Nevertheless, translation of resilience concepts into practical methodologies for informing civil infrastructure operation and management remains challenging. This paper presents a state-of-the-art literature review on civil infrastructure resilience, particularly water distribution systems, enabling practical applications of infrastructure resilience towards improved system management. The literature review has two stages, quantitative and qualitative. Infrastructure resilience is defined to provide a foundation for operationalisation of infrastructure resilience concepts, enabling the inclusion of practical resilience considerations in formal management systems such as infrastructure asset management systems.

Keywords: critical infrastructure, resilience, civil infrastructure systems, asset management

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