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Resolving a sticky problem for the dog’s home


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It is a subject that virtually no one ever considers.  Yet if you do happen to think about it, a huge charity undertaking such as our latest customer – Manchester Dog’s Home – has a never-ending cycle of organic kennel waste that needs to be effectively and hygienically disposed of on a continuous daily basis.  When they came to us for advice and assistance we were only too pleased to help and the result is a custom-built organic waste disposal plant, purpose designed to satisfy all their requirements.

Manchester Dog’s Home problems began after a devastating arson attack destroyed much of their existing infrastructure and the new organic waste disposal unit has been designed to perform a key role within what is a new and robust waste management strategy.

We could very easily have suggested a basic fixed hearth incinerator.  However, after carefully considering the nature of the waste product involved – including its high moisture content – we recognised that this would not provide the most ethical (or effective) solution for the safe and efficient destruction of the waste material.

Our recommendation was to build a small, bespoke 50kg/hr Surefire skid mounted kennel waste incinerator incorporating a rotary combustion chamber.

Normally rotary combustion units are associated with sites requiring a high-volume, high value continuous operation.  In this case however, as our client is a registered charity, the machine we recommended needed to guarantee a very cost-effective solution.  The individually designed waste incineration unit we proposed ensured that it ticked all the boxes.

As part of our design specifications we incorporated a simple PLC control system with user-friendly touchscreen HMI that affords easy operation by non-technical members of staff.  We also dispensed with costly automated loading and de-ashing facilities because in discussions with our customer we ascertained that manual loading was sufficient for their needs.

Also, instead of building in full rotary operation we engineered a far simpler oscillating action that was sufficient to agitate the waste in order to ensure high burn efficiency.  With a conical internal refractory construction and large ashing door, this also facilitates ergonomic and simple de-ashing of the machine.

The final finishing touches are now being made and we will be installing and commissioning the new organic waste disposal unit into Manchester Dog’s Home later this week.

At Matthews Environmental Solutions we specialise in solving all types of waste incineration problems – from the very largest fully automated plants to the small and inexpensive.

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