Resource Wars - What`s Your Battle Plan?


We may think that we are in the environmental business, focused on just the environmental impacts of our company's products and production processes.  But such narrow thinking can lead to overlooking our potential contribution to society and the organizations we support and, ultimately, our long-term career potential.  In a much broader sense, we are in the resource business: we ensure the responsible acquisition, processing, and end use disposal or recycling of all the materials from which our products are derived.

This distinction in how we view our jobs is important. There is, literally, a 'gold rush' underway to buy up and control raw materials . . . any raw materials. Resource issues have particular relevance to environmental professionals and the dynamics in play will affect the future of companies, if not nations. You can contribute, but only if you broaden your thinking and answer for yourself, 'What business am I in?'


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