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`Resource Waste` Poland’s national waste management plan for 2010


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Opportunities for innovative plant and process technology

Poland’s national waste management plan for 2010 sees innovative sorting and recycling technology as the cornerstones for the reorganization of the country’s waste disposal strategy. In order to achieve improvements quickly, Poland plans to invest about 2.3 billion EUR in infrastructure for waste treatment by 2013.

And in order to meet EU directives Poland has to reduce to below 60% the share of biogenic wastes from private households that are sent to landfi ll. Currently nearly 90% of municipal wastes still land on the tip.

Total waste arisings in Poland amounted to 125 million tonnes in 2008. Industrial wastes amounted to 115 million tonnes, municipal wastes to 10 million tonnes. Less than 7% of this were collected separately.

When building new plants the government is now making use of the whole spectrum of thermal, biological and mechanical treatment techniques. This opens up a lucrative market for foreign suppliers of plant and process technology.

Poland is partner nation of 'waste to energy+recycling'

Poland is the partner nation of the exhibition and conference 'waste to energy+recycling' in Bremen from 17 to 19 May 2011. The lecture program provides detailed information on the current situation and development trends within the Polish waste disposal and bioenergy market.

Andrzej Kraszewski, the Polish Minister for the Environment, and other highranking fi gures from politics and industry are expected to be present at the opening ceremony in Bremen.

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