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Resources consumption management at the national library of Iran

Environmental protection, pollution prevention and optimal consumption/ use of resources are among the most important factors for the achievement of sustainable development. Unfortunately lack of attention paid to this matter, has made the country  face various environmental crises(Paraccini, 1994). The most important environmental crisis is referred to the cultural problems; so correction of viewpoint in society is necessary which may be achieved through research and training. Since 1980s, many theories based on sustainable development were declared about evolution of economical development theories in the world. According to these theories, economical development of countries may happen when there is no kind of environment destruction such as air, ground, and weather. These theories have so many fans in global societies and they were considered in plan of economical development by implementation of conferences in Rio de Janeiro. Sustainable development is a kind of development which is people’s advocate and nature compatible. Decreasing poverty of environment is the most important preferences in this development (Mark, 2005).

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