Restoring a gravel/cobble substrate trout stream, Swift Run Creek


Courtesy of Streamside, LLC.

River Restoration Project on Swift Run Creek, Removal of Bentonite in Trout Stream to Restore Gravel/Cobble Substrate using Sand Wand™.

Swift Run Creek is a trout stream 25 miles north of Charlottesville, Virginia. During a drilling project near Elkton, VA, bentonite was used as a lubricant in horizontal directional drilling under the creek, and also served to provide a seal around the pipeline. The bentonite clay was unintentionally released into Swift Run Creek, in several spills associated with unexpected rock fractures.

The Sand Wand™, an innovative product developed by Streamside Technology, LLC was selected for restoration of Swift Run Creek. The Wand™ uses a combination of water jet and suction, offset from the streambed and within a hooded shroud that can selectively remove harmful fine sediments without causing even a localized turbidity impact.

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