Retirement community leads the way with Queenslands water sustainability


Courtesy of PHOENIX Process Equipment Co.

RSL Care’s Sunset Ridge Retirement Community in Zilzie near Rockhampton is leading the way in securing a sustainable environment for its residents by installing one of the first Aquacell greywater treatment plants in Queensland.

The Retirement Community contracted water recycling company Aquacell to design, install and maintain a greywater treatment plant which was completed in early January 2010. It has since successfully recycled about one million litres of water discharged from the Community’s showers, baths and basins. The treated water is being re-used in all toilets and washing machines on site.

Philip Boydell, RSL Care’s project manager for Sunset Ridge Retirement Community, said the Aquacell greywater treatment plant was chosen because it provided an environmentally-friendly, long-term solution to the recycling of greywater whilst meeting Council requirements.

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