Revenue losses averted with Aire-O2® aerators


Courtesy of Aeration Industries International (AII)

The AIRE-O2® aerators maintain good effluent dissolved oxygen residuals


In December of 1987, this paper and board mill developed a load problem requiring immediate action: improve wastewater treatment efficiencies fast or slow down mill production to prevent a discharge violation. A slow down would result in significant revenue loss. The southern USA mill’s superintendent said, 'we needed installed oxygen quickly.'


The AIRE-O2® aspirator aeration system was chosen to boost the mill’s diffused air system and avert a permit violation. They said, 'Equipment availability & speed of installation were critical. We called Aeration Industries on a Saturday and placed the order. The 8 x 50 hp (37 kW) units arrived on Monday and by Wednesday, the units were installed and operational. After close monitoring of the ponds, we were real pleased with the effects.'


With the added AIRE-O2® aerators, the mill realized prior mixing of the 264 MG (995,455 m 3) lagoon had been inadequate. 'The AIRE-O2® aerator’s exceptional mixing capabilities have eliminated the need for recycling sludge to the system’s input for re-seeding purposes.' More aerators have been added over the years. The aerators have even increased the diffused air system’s efficiency. The mill has met its permit requirements, seven days a week, 24 hours a day...and enjoys an added comfort level!

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