Reverse Osmosis and Electrodeionization Alternate to Service DI

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Courtesy of Agape Water Solutions, Inc.

Electrodeionization (EDI) is a chemical free water treatment technology that eliminates the need for off line chemical regeneration. EDI has gone from an unproven and unknown commodity to one that has revolutionized the industry in the past 20 years. Much has been written and discussed about the use of EDI systems for industrial applications such as power plants and semiconductors, where flows are typically over 50 gpm. EDI is also an acceptable technology in smaller pharmaceutical systems where hot water sanitization, USP validation and FDA certification are required. However, recent Point of Use (POU) developments have created new opportunities for EDI to be a cost competitive alternate to service deionization (SDI) in applications with flow rates as low as 86 gpd (15 lph). These new opportunities apply to traditional water treatment “dealers” who can offer EDI and service contracts at more competitive rates, or more profitable rates than traditional service exchange DI (SDI).

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