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Review on potential for waste recycled based bioenergy for marine system

Human status today can best be defined as an age of knowledge, efficiency and sustainable developments towards fulfilling significant part of human existence in this beautiful planet we all share. Previous time in human history has been dominated with various experimentation, knowledge acquisition which has resulted to new discovery and new philosophy of doing things in efficient, sensitive, cooperative and above all sustainable manner (maintaining quarto bottom balance, i.e. economic, technical, environmental and social, between man technosphere and environsphere world in order to sustain continuous healthy existence of our planet and the right of future generation). New knowledge and technology have emerged, since there is no drain in this planet, the greatest challenge for humanity lies in recycling our waste to the lowest level of usage. This paper will discuss the need to choose waste derived biofuel above all other food sources. This paper also discusses risk and abatement required for choice of best practice sustainable bioenergy generation for marine system.

Keywords: bioenergy generation, waste-derived biofuels, waste recycling, environmental technology, assessment, risk, marine systems

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