Revolutionary HERO membrane process offers economical ZLD solution for an arizona power plant


Courtesy of Aquatech International Corporation

The Facility

Griffith Energy LLC are developers of Griffith Energy Project a new 520 MW natural gas fired combined cycle facility located 8 miles south of Kingman, Mohave County, Arizona.

Black Veatch Corporation of Kansas City who were engineers for the project recognized HERO as the suitable economical process to deal with the cooling tower blow down reducing the waste by 90% and thus substituting a thermal brine concentrator at less than half the cost and enormous power saving.

The Problem

The cooling tower blow down volume was about 230 gpm saturated with silica, high hardness and other constituents. A conventional membrane process can not function under these conditions due to silica and other organic limitation. A thermal brine concentrator will be cost prohibitive. The permitting of the power plant was based on evaporation pond. Customer was looking for an economical solution to preconcentrate the blow down nd thus have a smaller size evaporation pond.

The Solution

HERO is a Patented process which addresses the treatment of high silica, organic and bio active feed water and hence treatment of cooling tower blow down enabling recovery and reuse of the blow down water. HERO is a membrane process with modified pre treatment scheme to accommodate high silica concentrations. HERO has been successfully tested with silica level of 2000 PPM in the reject. Wastewater recovery with HERO process is limited only by osmotic pressure. The process is resistant to organic and biological fouling. System recovery of 90 % + is achievable thus a good substitute for thermal brine concentrator.

Customer comments

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