Revolutionary materials - result in long-lasting stators


Courtesy of ALLWEILER GmbH

Colfax Fluid Handling offers stators made of 'Alldur' in progressing cavity pumps manufactured by Allweiler in Bottrop, Germany. These pumps have been used for decades in a variety of applications, including many sewage plants in Germany and other countries. They are characterized by their ability to easily pump liquids with a large proportion of dry substance and abrasive components. A variety of available designs and materials enable adaption of the pumps to specific liquids and pumping conditions. Now, with stators made of 'Alldur', they are even more economical.

This new material reflects decades of experience and is designed specifically for pumping abrasive wastewater in sewage plants. The composition of 'Alldur ' is adapted to provide maximum resistance to mechanical influences. The elastomer's new chemical composition and production methods increase service life of the stator (and therefore of the entire pump) by up to three times.

The large Cologne-Stammheim sewage plant uses Allweiler pumps of the type 'AE4H750' for pumping thick sludge, among other uses. The new stator material has been undergoing long-term durability tests since December of 2012. Two identical pumps-one with a standard stator and another with 'Alldur' - were tested while pumping thick sludge from a thickening machine.

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