Rewair saves an hour a day on waste handling - Case Study


Courtesy of Bramidan Balers

RewAir A/S specialises in developing and producing glass fibre solutions that are used in the production of wind turbines.

Yearly 60 tons of waste
The glass fibre that is used in the production facility arrives at the factory in Haderslev, Denmark, in large rolls, on which the glass fibre is rolled together with a layer of protective paper. The roll is placed on a cutter, and when the glass fibre has been cut to shape, the protective paper must be removed from the production area. The factory handles ca. 60 tons of paper and cardboard waste every year.

“The paper takes up quite a lot of space. We used to fill a 20 m3 container outside five to six times a month. We eventually realised that there was too much work and costs involved with handling the paper waste,” says warehouse manager Erling Andersen.

RewAir began therefore to investigate if there was a better and cheaper way to handle their waste and searched the internet to see what was on the market. Erling Andersen found Bramidan’s website and took a closer look at the company’s balers.

“After a talk with Bramidan we decided to take one of their balers on trial. We quickly discovered that it was a good idea,” he explains.

More free space in the production area
The company decided to buy a Bramidan X30, which is well suited for compressing large amounts of waste and produces bales that weigh minimum 300 kg. The machine was installed at the turn of the year 2009 and it has quickly proven its worth.

“Now we collect paper at the end of the production line and throw it directly into the baler. We need a lot of space in our production area and it is perfect that we can move the waste out of the way immediately. This way we can also keep the area neat and tidy and also save time, because we do not need to go outside with our waste,” says Erling Andersen, who estimates that RewAir now saves an hour every day on waste handling.

Three years payback
In addition to the time saved, it is also easier for RewAir to dispose of the company’s waste. Before the baler was installed the waste was collected at a cost, but now it is collected without additional expenses and is used for recycling.

“The baler is a good solution and all in all the economy is fine, because we save both time and costs. We expect the baler to have paid itself in about three years, maybe less,” says Erling Andersen.

About RewAir A/S
RewAir is an expert in providing solutions to the wind turbine industry, primarily wind turbine blade and nacelle manufacturers. They develop and produce eg. glass fibre and vacuum kits to individual components such as root and blade covers.

RewAir has 120 employees divided between their two main offices in Denmark.

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