REX Evaluation Guide


REXTM (Real-timeElementalX-ray Fluorescence System) is the only instrument capable of unattended real-time elemental analysis of dissolved metallic contents in fluids using X-ray fluorescence with low parts-per-billion (ppb) sensitivity. Important applications exist for the following industries, among others:

  • Municipal drinking water supply
  • Chemical processing industry
  • Mining and petroleum
  • Pharmaceuticals and food processing
  • Ultra-pure cooling and wash water intake monitoring
  • Waste water recovery monitoring
  • Environmental regulatory monitoring

The system is highly compact and fully automated. Once installed into a flow stream, it can be set to automatically provide regular readings of concentration levels of metallic elements of interest in the flow stream to be monitored. It can also be programmed to set an alert when preset levels were exceeded for immediate processing attention. This capability offers significant advantages over present state-of-the-art for elemental analysis that requires samples to be taken to be analyzed in a laboratory by trained technicians with long turn-around time, lacking in ability for continuous monitoring and timely alert, and costly in per-sample analysis costs for personnel time and consumables. In contract, REX requires no consumables, fully automatic and can be highly cost competitive, amortized over time.

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