Reynolds packaging unwraps global EHS system: deploys in only 90 days, delivers immediate value


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In April 2008, Reynolds Packaging Group – manufacturers and marketers of leading consumer products such as Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil, Plastic Wrap, Oven Bags, Wax Paper and more – was sold by Alcoa to New Zealand's Rank Group. As the company geared up to do business under new ownership, its Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) team faced an urgent challenge. They needed to quickly transition away from Alcoa's robust EHS management information system and establish their own comprehensive EHS system to serve Reynolds Packaging Group's worldwide operations.

'It was pretty frantic,' said Don Hayden, EHS Manager at Reynolds Packaging Group. 'A project that typically requires 12 to 18 months, we accomplished within 6 months. We went through the entire progression of product evaluation with three leading vendors, purchasing negotiations, project planning, process flows, imple-mentation, global training and final report generation.'

Reynolds Packaging Group selected Essential Suite® from ESS as its EHS sustainability software platform.

'Once we chose ESS, they got us implemented within 3 months,' continued Mr. Hayden. 'To have a majority of the configuration and deployment provided by a single resource is truly unique and speaks to the flexibility of the Essential Suite application.'

Reynolds Packaging Group's team knew that they needed to collect, process and deliver a broad variety of EHS compliance, tasking, auditing, chemical inventory, MSDS, incident and performance information across their enterprise. Essential Suite gave them the opportunity to minimize complexity, risks and costs by obtaining all of those capabilities in one flexible platform.

'Our selection of ESS was reinforced by the fact that they offer different modules as part of a single system,' according to Mr. Hayden. 'Having the Incident module integrated with MSDS, Audit, Tasking and others was critical. It was hard to find vendors with the full spectrum of modules we needed. We were able to reduce the number of third-party software applications and support contracts by going with ESS.'

In mid-2008, Reynolds Packaging Group worked with ESS for 3 months on system configuration and then began deploying its new EHS platform worldwide. With thousands of employees working in 26 countries, the software's multi-language capabilities were critically important, as was ESS' ability to provide international support services. Over the next 3 months, the project team successfully trained staff and deployed the software in each of those 26 countries. English, Spanish and Chinese are the primary languages that Reynolds Packaging Group used in its rollout. The company is currently considering additional languages (available from ESS) for future expansion.

While the speed of the Reynolds Packaging Group's deployment is striking, the project's value to the company is obviously a function of its ability to manage EHS information more efficiently and effectively. Reynold's EHS team immediately began fulfilling that promise by using Essential Suite to streamline collection of data and present it to decision-makers in a more useable form.

'The most visible indictor of our implementation's success has been the new EHS dashboards,' said Mr. Hayden. 'They are viewed and used by our entire organization in all our locations and, more importantly, our executive group. We use them to track injury-free event reporting, total recordable rates and lost workday rates.

'We also use EHS dashboards to monitor energy intensity. It's based on how much energy we use to make a metric ton of product. If we reduce our energy utilization by just a few percent, that represents millions of dollars. That definitely gets the interest of Reynolds' executive leadership. They look at Key Performance Indicators and business goals associated with them. Through the dashboards, they can immediately know if we are tracking to meet those goals,' he continued.

Reynolds Packaging Group's accelerated deployment was also made possible by the company's decision to implement Essential Suite as a hosted solution. (ESS also offers onsite or subscription-based deliver.)

As a result, implementation of the company's new enterprise EHS system placed minimal demands on Reynold's IT team. This was fortunate since they were already busy on other fronts in the wake of the Alcoa divestiture. The head of the IT department reportedly said that not having to be concerned with transitioning or building an EHS application was 'greatly appreciated.'

Mr. Hayden added that, 'We weren't willing to risk disruption in service while all our data management systems were being transferred. That's one of the main drivers for us choosing a hosted application. ESS was the only vendor in the three we compared that had superior hosting capabilities. With ESS, you have one password, one system, it looks the same, and it feels the same each time you log in for each module. It certainly helps with managing risk and also with data integrity. Within 6 months we went from evaluation mode to a successful global implementation in 26 different countries and… I can say we're happy with the entire experience. Overall, it's been very positive. I think the value that we received from ESS was unmatched.'

The Challenge

  • Quickly transition from established EHS system after divestiture
  • Roll out EMIS in 26 countries to maintain global compliance
  • Minimize number of systems/vendors to control risks and costs
  • Support international teams with localization and languages needed
  • Provide enhanced view of key metrics for better decision-making

The Solution

Essential Suite® including

  • Essential Audit™
  • Essential Chemical Inventory™
  • Essential Compliance Manager™
  • Essential Incident™
  • Essential MSDS Manager™
  • Essential Performance Manager™
  • Essential Task Manager™

The Results

  • Deployed to all 26 countries within 3 months (90 days) – including staff training, hosted software implementation
  • Provided system localization in English, Spanish and Chinese languages
  • 40% projected reduction in time spent on data entry, QC and administration replacing 5 systems with 1 system/vendor
  • Gives executive leaders dashboard visibility into goals vs. performance KPIs and energy use for better decisions

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