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The Netherlands

Background of RichWaterWorld

Water is at the very focus of global attention: Climate change has serious consequences on wateravailability, especially in the higher-lying deltas, meaning the river and water systems in rural areas, where periods of water surplus and water shortage are alternating ever more intensively. The varying supply also has an increasingly greater effect on the water quality. It is important that fresh water is usable and remain usable when stored temporarily.

Goal of RichWaterWorld

RichWaterWorld realises innovative systems that enable us to balance water surpluses and water shortages regionally with the focus on higher-lying deltas. RichWaterWorld is a network inside the so-called golden triangle of public partners, knowledge institutions and companies. This collaboration enables us to meet public goals such as water safety, and to meet private objectives by developing commercial products of interest to a national and international market.

How does Eijkelkamp Soil & Water make the difference?

Eijkelkamp Soil & Water wants to use its expertise to contribute to development of this system since it dovetails seamlessly with Eijkelkamp Soil & Water’s vision of the future, in which things are made easier for customers by inventive monitoring of soil and water.

  • Hydrologic systems
    The study of the hydrologic system focuses on how operational water management in (and outside) Lingezegen park can be best used to achieve maximum water retention based on the specified layout of the park and the preconditions for groundwater levels per function.
  • Intelligent sensors
    Eijkelkamp Soil & Water has a great deal of knowledge of and experience using sensors to monitor the quality and quantity of climate, water and soil and approaches this as an integral whole. Any changes in precipitation, evaporation, (ground)water level, temperature and soil moisture, for example, can immediately be detected using different sensors.
  • Intelligent data systems
    The long-term weather forecasts and weather models enable drought as well as imminent water surplus to be forecast so the water can be retained dynamically or released in a timely way to make room for water storage. The long-term weather and water forecasts can be used for this to dynamically control retention or release of water.

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