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The advanced treatment of residential wastewater is typically accomplished with individual NSF certified treatment systems.  However, limiting residential treatment to individual on-lot systems can result in less effective nutrient removal and high capital & life cycle costs per home.  These undesirable characteristics can be eliminated through the use of residential cluster systems that collect and treat wastewater for entire communities.  Cluster System benefits include: low capital and life cycle costs per home, reduced operation costs per home, small footprint and enhanced treatment capability for nutrient reduction.

The Ridge Club is a twenty-four home community and golf club on Cape Cod. Because Cape Cod has a fragile sole source aquifer that is sensitive to nitrogen loading, the state required that half of the homes be placed on denitrifying
treatment systems. The developer chose to install a shared system for all of the homes because the initial capital cost, and costs for installation and operation & maintenance (O&M), were significantly lower for the entire cluster system than they were for twelve smaller individual systems.

The treatment plant is owned by the 24 home owners and funds for O&M and replacement costs are accrued under a community trust agreement. O&M costs for the shared system are approximately 10% of what the costs would have
been had half of the homes installed an individual system.

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