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Ridiculous Stuff to Recycle for Money


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Recycling is one of the best business options for many people and there are many individual and small level recyclers who have ventured into this field. With the amount of waste being accumulated on a daily basis, any help, however small, is welcomed. Therefore, it is imperative for everyone to make an effort to send waste items to the recycling center. It is a known fact that paper, plastic, metals, and glass can be recycled. However, there are other items also that can be recycled. 

Some of the less known items that can fetch you money when recycled are as follows:

  • Bottle corks: This is one of the most easy to recycle material, but half the time it reaches the landfills and not the recycling center. Wine and bottle corks are made from special plants that have been around for a long time. Cork forests house some of the most endemic plants. These forests are also a home to endangered species like Iberian Imperial Eagle, Iberian Lynx, and Barbary Deer. One of the biggest reasons for cork recycling is that it reduces the huge demand on different cork plantations. Therefore, every cork in your house should reach the recycling center. Corks can be turned into different products such as recyclable wine shippers and floor tiles. 
  • Cooking or vegetable oil: You will be amazed when you look at the figures on how much cooking or vegetable waste is discarded every day. If every drop of cooking oil reaches the recycling center, you can help produce a huge amount of biodiesel that can be used further for other purposes. Restaurant and hotel chains have started selling their leftover cooking oil to different recyclers. These recyclers have machines and different processes that convert the cooking oil into biodiesel. However, being a homeowner, you can also start a small plant to convert biodiesel from cooking or vegetable oil if you have some knowledge of chemistry and a lot of time on your hands. 
  • Human Hair: Being one of the most natural forms of organic matter, human hair is very easy to recycle. Rather than letting it rot in the landfills, it can be recycled and converted to clothes, fabric, hair and jewelry accessories, hair extensions, and many other related stuff. Apart from this, human hair can also be transformed into plant fertilizers with proper sterilization and mixing with sand and water. This is known as one of the best fertilizers in the market as hair contains natural deposits of protein and nitrogen. It is also a rich source of 20 different minerals and various other elements that can be very useful for plants. 
  • Tennis Balls: These can easily make it to the nearest landfill as there are many people who do not know that tennis balls can be recycled as well. Tennis balls can be converted into different things. Before sending it to a recycling center, you can actually use discarded tennis balls as door stoppers or for covering sharp edges in the house. When in the recycling center, these balls can be cleaned and refurbished properly to be reused again. Apart from this, there are many recyclers that can produce shoe patches from tennis balls. 
  • CDs, Books, and DVDs: These are one of the most sought after things in the recycling industry. The optical materials obtained from CDs and DVDs are useful for different types of optical fibers and cables. These waste materials can also be used for making different types of decorative pieces. Books are generally recycled for making recycled paper. It can also be used for making various types of textiles and fabrics. 

Knowing the unknown is called the quest of knowledge. There would be several items that you already know that can be recycled. You can easily add the above mentioned materials to your list to ensure that these things do not reach the landfills anymore. 

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