Rio +20: How to move towards “The Future We Want”


Courtesy of Centre for Sustainability and Excellence

The Rio +20, which took place on 20-22 June, indicated once more the need for Sustainable Development, following the same decision made twenty years ago by the Earth Summit. “The Future we want” was characterized as a modest agreement, with no breakthrough points, since no specific action plan for the future has been developed. However one cannot ignore the decision made to set up a high level political forum on sustainable development, to replace the existing Commission on Sustainable Development. What better proof that Sustainable Development is a growing need to be addressed immediately?

However if we want to move towards the implementation of sustainable development, various questions need to be answered.

  • What sustainable development and sustainability really mean?
  • What issues do they entail?
  • How can organizations prioritize and address these issues?
  • How are outcomes measured?
  • What are the benefits for organizations and society?

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