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Rising Water Prices Mean Rainwater Harvesting Tanks are the Future


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Following one of the warmest summers in recent years and a number of water companies planning to raise bills by up to 8 per cent, it’s never been more important to plan for the future.  According to SWARM (South West Agricultural Resource Management) water is no longer a cheap and plentiful resource to farmers and growers, especially for those based in the South West and the organisation makes a number of recommendations to reduce water use and make savings on farm water bills.

Two of the main areas for making savings are the implementation of boreholes and rainwater harvesting techniques.  Enduramaxx is a company geared towards helping farmers, growers and those managing property to make the very most out of rainwater harvesting through the provision of rainwater harvesting tanks of varying sizes and to suit all applications.

In addition, the Enduramaxx range of rainwater harvesting tanks are Water Technology Approved tanks and listed at www.eca-water.gov.uk.  In essence, the government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme offers a 100 per cent first-year allowance for investment in certain water efficient plant and machinery, meaning that, in addition to water bills, there are even more financial benefits to rainwater harvesting and through buying rainwater harvesting tanks.

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