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Risk analysis of landfills

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A landfill has its own risks, like many other technologies. In the framework of the Polyproject 'Risk and Safety of Technical Systems' (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich) a special methodology has been developed for analysing and assessing the different risks of a landfill. In the first main task of this task-oriented methodology, the whole procedure and the goals of the risk analysis are defined. In the second main task, an inventory of the situation (geological, technical, waste specific) is made. In the third main task, the whole scenario and consequence modelling should be done. Based on the further work in the fourth and in the fifth main tasks, 'risk evaluation and risk reduction', the various environmental and health risks are evaluated. It is shown how to reduce and to manage the risks in accordance with agreed (probabilistic) risk criteria.

Keywords: landfills, risk analysis, task-, oriented methodology, health risks, environmental risks, risk assessment, risk reduction, environmental pollution

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