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Risk assessment in safety management of the semiconductor industry in Taiwan

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The high-technology industry has been developing in Taiwan for about 20 years and has become the biggest export industry in Taiwan with the third largest share of the world marked (after the USA and Japan). It not only produces high-tech talents and employment opportunities, but also demonstrates considerable overall growth and is advancing industrial and economic development. However, several severe fire and earthquake disasters that the semiconductor industry has encountered have caused it to suffer uncountable damage to and loss of property, for which the fire underwriters have paid huge compensation. As a result, most foreign fire underwriters are very cautious about accepting re-insurance for semiconductor companies in Taiwan. This research begins with an analysis of the building characteristics of plant and the potential dangers therein. Then it designs an effective safety system for such plants, which may help prevent disasters or lower the loss arising. Finally, this research suggests establishing the "emergency response and disaster recovery system" as a reference for the industry to implement safety management.

Keywords: semiconductor, safety management, fire prevention system, risk management system

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