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Risk-informed emergency planning requirements for Koeberg Nuclear Power Station

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This paper presents an overview of the use of risk insights to aid the derivation of the requirements for the Koeberg Emergency Plan. The methodology and the results are presented. This methodology is based on using the Koeberg risk assessment to the worst credible severe accident scenario, which then becomes the reference accident. The off-site consequences of this reference accident are then assessed. These off-site consequences are then compared with the criteria for each protective action such as sheltering and evacuation. This approach is a blend of deterministic and probabilistic approaches, which conforms to international standards and can be used to optimise emergency planning. It is also a holistic approach that allows plant modifications that improve plant safety to be balanced against a reduction in the magnitude of the off-site emergency planning requirements.

Keywords: emergency planning, evacuation, PSA, risk assessment, sheltering, probabilistic safety analysis, risk management, emergency management, nuclear power plants, nuclear energy, South Africa

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