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River Severn case study


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Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council
River Severn at Shrewsbury, channel management proposals

Hydro-Logic was appointed by Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council in 2008 to advise on the build-up of sediment within the River Severn, where it passes through the town. The council's pleasure boat had a history of running aground and they had been refused permission by the Environment Agency to dredge the channel.

After photographic sampling of bed sediment, Hydro-Logic agreed with the Environment Agency that dredging would not be the most appropriate remedy, since the coarse-grained bed would probably be replaced by more mobile sands. A strategy was developed to minimise the impact of localised deepening along two, critical river reaches that would not impact on flood risk to riparian properties. Following consultation with Environment Agency ecologists, the proposals were refined to emplace the sediment at locations that would enhance habitat diversity.

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