RM-10 + water treatment = $avings


Courtesy of CETCO Energy Services

CETCO Oilfield Services RM-10 flocculant is being utilized at a plating company to remove chrome and cadmium from wastewater, significantly reducing the company’s use of energy during its wastewater treatment process.

The plating plant produces between 400 and 800 gallons of wastewater per week. It utilizes two rinse baths, one with chrome and one with cadmium. Prior to the application of CETCO’s RM-10, an evaporator was being used to manage the surplus wastewater generated from these baths. A significant increase in the volume of wastewater being processed meant that the existing evaporator simply could not cope. While the purchase of a new evaporator would have been a potential solution, it was ruled out since that expense had not been included in the budget. Furthermore, the company was not prepared to incur the additional costs from using a larger volume evaporator. For these reasons the plant decided to look for alternative solutions.

CETCO Oilfield Services identified which RM-10 formula was best suited for their wastewater after a sample was sent to our lab. The specific RM-10 formula provided an ideal alternative to a new evaporator.

RM-10 can be added to wastewater streams of varying blends and applications. Its primary purpose is to encapsulate hazardous components into a safe, non-leachable sludge that can be easily and safely disposed.

The application of RM-10 was adopted by the plant in conjunction with a TT 200 wastewater treatment system that operates in union with the flocculant. This treatment regime has enabled the plating company to reuse or release wastewater safely and efficiently. RM-10 worked in this case by converting the state of the chrome and cadmium for disposal once cyanide destruction had taken place.

With RM-10, the plant now enjoys significant reductions in its energy costs by avoiding the need to operate its evaporator all week; it can operate its new treatment system when needed rather than on a continuous basis.

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