Robust decentralized wastewater treatment for small communities…FAST®


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For many small and medium communities, centralized or conventional sewer options are technically complicated and/or are often the expensive choice for managing wastewater treatment. As the demand for water reaches critical levels for most areas around the world, decentralized treatment systems are becoming increasingly popular by returning treated water back to the local environment. 

Decentralized systems, when installed as an alternative to sewers, reduce costs for communities and individuals. Builders and land developers searching for reasonable wastewater treatment options are requesting the use of utilizing advanced onsite treatment systems for their properties. While many governments have passed new environmental regulations; officials see these types of systems as the potential answer for hundreds of small communities far from municipal public wastewater plants. 

Manufacturing clean technologies for the onsite commercial, residential, and marine markets, Bio-Microbics products include the large MyFAST® wastewater treatment system.  As a proven, safe and reliable Fixed Integrated Treatment Technology (FITT™), the MyFAST® is ideal for projects with land constraints and flows up to 160,000 US gallons per day (600 m3/d) or more. Offering versatility of design and flow rates, the MyFAST® maintains consistent high performance, low maintenance, and sludge management all in one tank.

One cost advantage, besides the quick and easy installation of a large decentralized system, is the capability of the module treating wastewater easily achieving biological oxygen demands (BOD) in excess of 500 mg/L when sized and used properly. Because most of the treatment occurs inside the tank, the effluent is more than 95% removed of solids and waste; the treated water is then available to replenish groundwater and aquifers, or made available for grey water reuse. 

Complete with an effective, pre-engineered air delivery system to aid in robust circulation of wastewater through the media’s channeled flow path, the MyFAST® system enables a simultaneous aeration, mixing and self-cleaning of the attached growth inside the tank. The oxygen blower system not only provides rapid mixing and quick growth of bacteria, but also aids in scouring of the growth on the media - which increases its effectiveness. Because of the multiple biological, biochemical, chemical, and physical processes that occur within the system, this allows nitrogen concerns to be addressed achieving higher percentage Nitrogen removal rates.

Successfully addressing the challenges of economic affordability, effective treatment, reliability, and low maintenance, the FAST® technology is ideal for clustered communities and commercial outlets. 

With worldwide acceptance and compliance, advanced decentralized wastewater treatment is available. Unique, innovative products, such as those provided by Bio-Microbics, improve onsite residential, commercial and marine treatment capabilities to help ensure a clean environment for future generations.

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