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Role of radiobiology for radiation epidemiology using for radiation protection


The problem of the application of radiobiological data for radiation epidemiology and radiation protection is considered. The causality of epidemiological consequences quite often cannot be established without radiobiological basis (Bradford-Hill epidemiological criteria). A number of epidemiological uncertainties can be removed with the radiobiology (uncertainties in a dosimetry, effects of the confounding factors and biases). Radiobiology gives the answer when epidemiology is not capable of doing it because of impossibility to reach indispensable statistical power (at risk calculation for hereditary effects for the people, for stochastic effects of irradiation at low doses, etc.). The documents of UNSCEAR, BEIR, ICRP, etc. fixed that it is necessary to take into account radiobiological data during epidemiological research. The considerable attention in this case was attracted by non-target effects, etc. At the same time, it is impossible to exaggerate the contribution of radiobiology to regulating character conclusions owing to the limitations for radiobiological experiments.

Keywords: radiation epidemiology, radiobiology, radiation protection, low radiation, radiobiological data

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