ROMAG storm water screen system for the CSO works La Maladière in Neuenburg


Courtesy of ROMAG aquacare ag

With the RSW-K high-capacity storm water screen and a emergency shut-off valve, the volume of the upstream sewerage system is optimally utilized and the receiving body ideally protected against contamination.

The storm water screen removes visible solids from the sewage water before the water is discharged into the receiving body.

At the La Maladière surplusing works, the ROMAG RSW-K Storm Water Screen is installed on the overflow weir of the storm water spillway. In its resting position, the shutter of the storm water screen is closed, i.e. no sewage water can flow into the discharge channel. That way, the storage volume of the existing sewerage system can be optimally utilized. If the water level on the infeed side then reaches a predefined level, then the shutter starts to lower – whereupon the sewage water flows through the storm water screen and into the discharge channel. If the level rises any further, say due to extremely heavy rain, then the emergency shut-off valve installed beside the storm water screen also opens to prevent backflow in the canalization system. This reduces the number of uncleaned discharges to a minimum in the event of heavy rain.

  • Length of the screen RSW-K 8x7/4: 8.00 m
  • Capacity of storm water screen: 3.80 m3/sec.
  • Capacity of emergency valve: 4.0 m3/sec.
  • Principal and owner: City of Neuchâtel
  • Site supervision: Ing-Büro GVH St-Blaise SA
  • General contractor: ROMAG aquacare AG
  • Engineering / Manufacture / Erection: ROMAG aquacare ag

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