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Roosevelt Dr. Stream embankment stabilization retaining wall and roadway Haverstraw, NY


Courtesy of GEA Engineering PC

GEA Engineering provided comprehensive engineering services to the Rockland County Drainage Agency for emergency repairs to the river embankments of the Minisceongo Creek, Multi-Family Housing foundations and restoration of the municipal park. These services were required in response to Tropical Storm Floyd which caused extensive damage to Rockland County. GEA's services included:·

  • Test boring program for assessment of subsurface conditions· 
  • Design of Emergency Jet Grouting for Stabilization of Embankments and house foundation underpinning·
  • Site Surveying and mapping using Total Station equipment · 
  • Design of Reinforced Earth Retaining Wall System for Riverine slope protection· 
  • Construction Management/monitoring for Jet Grouting and Underpinning· 
  • Construction Management/monitoring for Construction of R.Earth Retaining Wall System and Embankment· 
  • Park Restoration Design including roads, trails and landscaped areas· 
  • Sewer Line Relocation· 
  • Cost Estimating· 
    • Plans, Specifications and Construction Contract Documents

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