Ros Roca brings silence to the refuse industry

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Increasing demands for higher productivity, lower noise and reduced emissions call for totally new approaches when it comes to designing Refuse Trucks. Manufacturers and fleet operators are already under extreme pressure to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emission.

Partly driven by new legislation including CO2 penalty, partly driven by increasing fuel prices and partly driven by the constantly worsening traffic congestions, new technologies need to be adopted.

The normal noise level of a conventional refuse truck stops it from working off traffic peek periods in many places, a noise reduction would increase the productivity drastically by extending the operation to earlier and later hours. To address these new demands, Ros Roca, a leading Spanish manufacturer of Refuse Trucks, called upon Parker Hannifin, a major hydraulics supplier to this industry to discuss different possibilities.

-“We have worked with different hybrid solutions for city busses and refuse trucks over the past decade concentrating on the drive line. The new demands for quieter operation called for a new approach. A task force was formed, starting by logging existing vehicles as a base for a suitable solution” says Dag Berver from the Mobile System Team, Parker Hannifin.

The recently launched newly designed Rear End Loader Refuse Truck from Ros Roca features a Silent Packing system, developed in cooperation with Parker Hannifin, leading supplier to this industry.

Traditionally the packing mechanism needs to operate at 1000-1200 rpm for two reasons, maintaining the cycle time and avoiding diesel engine stall, the new system operates at low rpm reducing the noise level.

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