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Rosebud Pilot Project - Case Study


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The Hamlet of Rosebud currently discharges 9,460 m3 of effluent from their 60 residences into a 30 year old septic field which is now failing.

Symbiotic Envirotek Inc., in partnership with Wheatland County and the residents of Rosebud, intend to implement an Algae Cultivation BiofieldTM (ACS) that will replace the septic field and produce marketable algal biomass and clean water.

The Rosebud Pilot Project is 1/50 scale of the full sized biofield and includes:

  • 2 m3 photobioreactor module
  • water gas mixing unit to infuse CO2 into the wastewater
  • biomass separation centrifuge in the process building

Symbiotic launched this parallel 1/50th scale ecological wastewater treatment pilot in parallel with an algae food cultivation system. The food system will grow food grade sample of dried Chlorella vulgaris (Cv) for non-animal proteins.

  • Wheatland County,
  • Federation of Canadian Municipalities - Green Municipal Fund,
  • National Research Council of Canada,

In collaboration with JMP Engineering, BRT Consulting, Bow Ridge Fabrication and Residents of Rosebud.

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