ROTAN ED for the Painting Industry


Courtesy of DESMI A/S

Guangzhou Strong Chemical Co., Ltd is one of the leading Chinese producers of automotive
refinish coating material. The company specializes in automotive refinish and ancillary materials. Annual production capacity of automotive refinish and ancillary material is 13,000 metric tons.

Guangzhou Strong Chemical Co., Ltd. has used the ROTAN ED pumps successfully since March 2014 and some of the highlights of their satisfaction with the pumps are:

  • Performance
  • Total Life Cycle Cost Benefits

In total eight ROTAN ED 101 stainless steel pumps have been installed together with frequency driven motors equipped with force ventilation fan in order to adjust the flow needed under different working conditions.

Mr. Pan, Equipment Manager at Guangzhou Strong Chemical Co., Ltd. says: ”The 8 sets of DESMI ROTAN ED pumps are running very well, They are perfectly suited for our liquid and there is zero leakage. I am happy to use such great pumps. We have another project in near future, and DESMI pumps will be our first choice.”

Technical information about the liquid being pumped:

  • A solvent mixture of painting resin and acetone which are quite volatile and flammable in nature
  • The viscosity of the solvent may be under 500 cSt
  • The capacity is 20 m3/h, running at 389 rpm under a differential pressure of 3~5 bar.

ROTAN ED pumps are leakage-free which ensures a fantastic process stability.

All O-rings in contact with liquid are made of FEP plastic so as to be compatible with the mixture of resign and acetone which are quite volatile and flammable in nature.

Production Engineers at the production facilities during installation.

The eight DESMI ROTAN pumps at the production plant in Jinlong Industrial Zone (Guangzhou, P.R. China) which is the most famous area for coatings.

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