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Rotary Kiln Incineration Plant - Case Study

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The R1200 plant was installed in the early 00’s in Macau. The fully integrated system boasts a burn rate if 1200kg per hour and accepts a variety of different waste streams that include, clinical waste, pharmaceutical waste, liquid waste that includes solvents, waste oil, shredded tyres and well as some livestock as large as horses.

The rotary kilns incineration principle is defined by one cylinder shaped primary chamber that rotates or index’s. The rotary movement breakdowns incoming waste by continually unsettling it, whilst the primary chamber burner provides the thermal power required. The pitch and angle of the cylinder can be adjusted according the calorific nature of the incoming waste stream, allowing an optimum burn time with the primary chamber.

The R1200 rotary plant operates on a 24 hour basis, 7 days per week. It is equipped with a full EU compliant (WID 2000/76 and IED 2010/75/EU) abatement system consisting of a sorbent powders and an array of bag filters. The whole systems compliance is certified by the continuous monitoring equipment that is analysing emissions 24/7. This intelligent control systems can watch data trends real time and predict emission spikes and react to the before they occur by changing the dynamic of the plant automatically.

Energy is recovered from the plant via a hot water boiler system generating over 4MW of thermal power in the form of hot water.

As an Island installation, the R1200 is a critical piece of infrastructure for the Macau Government. Whilst many “local” suppliers exist Addfield’s Techtrol R1200 machines was chosen because of the strong reputation the brand has in internationally. Efficiency, reliability and long-term resilience where critical to the client and the R1200 delivers all of these.

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