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Rotated Disc Continouos Thermo Cracking Process

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Over the last three years Altene (Canada) Inc, West Technology and Trading (Canada) Ltd Aprochem Poland Ltd and their associated Companies have focused on the oil and gas industry, heavy crude oil enhancement, oily sludge residue deposits recycling, oil spill, waste oil deposit problems.

The R&D Division is addressing a number of oil field applications by employing the diverse properties of the RDTC – Rotated Disc Thermo Cracking Technology.

Altene (Canada) Inc with associated Partners are ready to provide solutions to customer requirements crossing a wide range of industry sectors.

RDTC principals

RDTC invention is based on a new thermal cracking technology developed by K. Gawad - Chem. Eng. The technology is based on commonly known crude oil thermo cracking process with highly innovative unique rotated disc thermo cracker, which produces a range of lighter fraction of hydrocarbons with exciting commercial potentials. The RDTC technology has a unique range of core properties including:

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