Rotofix Rotating Biological Contactor - Auberge de la Montagne Coupée, QC, Canada


Courtesy of Premier Tech Aqua

Customer: Auberge La Montagne Coupée
Owners: Marie Préfontaine and Suzie Beaudry

Auberge La Montagne Coupée is located at the top of a steep mountain slope, some 350 ft (107 m) high, on the shores of l’Assomption River in the Lanaudière region, about an hour from Montreal. Open year-round, the inn boasts 47 rooms and suites, a gastronomic menu, a health centre, a pool, and several outdoor activities (skiing, snowmobiling, hiking and horseback riding).


When Marie Préfontaine and Suzie Beaudry purchased the Country Inn, it was obvious that the wastewater treatment system needed to be replaced. The old drainfield had reached the end of its useful life. Aside from the nauseating smells that bothered the guests, the water table (a source of drinking water) and the fact that the l’Assomption River was right there (considered a sensitive zone) warranted immediate corrective measures.


The site’s physical limitations (difficult soil type, steep slope, high strength and variable loads of wastewater, sensitive zone) call had to be given proper attention in finding the right wastewater treatment solution. But there was something else to consider. The inn’s owners were firm in their resolve to be accredited as a Green Establishment. So, the solution had to be eco-friendly and very low energy consumption, yet showing for reliability and high-performance. Finally, available space, the warranty, follow-up and maintenance of the system were also important to take into account.


A solution consisting of a Rotofix treatment unit followed by a tertiary UV treatment system, with surface disposal, was retained.

The system was designed inside a building that integrates well with the existing infrastructures. Its modular design allows higher flows of wastewater to be treated (up to 60 m3/d) in the case that the Inn gets expanded (for example, adding more rooms, seats in the restaurant, services provided at the health centre, banquet hall.


Design criteria
Design flow = 50 m³ per day
Concentration of BOD5 at septic tank inlet = 375 mg/L
Concentration of suspended solids at septic tank inlet = 250 mg/L
Disposal goals:

  • BOD5 20 mg/L
  • Suspended solids 20 mg/L
  • Fecal coliforms < 200 UFC/100 mL

Sampling results

  • BOD5 < 2 mg/L
  • Suspended Solids 7 mg/L
  • Fecal coliforms 10 UFC/100 mL

Even now, the owners tell us they are very satisfied with their treatment system. In fact, results show that the system’s performance is consistent month after month, year after year. It not only meets environmental standards, but its physical design, follow-ups and annual maintenance are all simple and exceed expectations. The Country Inn has an annual maintenance contract with Premier Tech Aqua, which takes the responsibility for this task off the owners’ shoulders and ensures the system’s proper functioning.

Benefits and Future

The owners, Marie Préfontaine and Suzie Beaudry, plan to expand the inn. Their treatment system will meet their needs. This means that they won’t have to spend money or undertake major work to treat the higher flow of wastewater. And, as concerns being recognized as Green Establishment by the Quebec Association of Hotel Operators and the Quebec Health Spa Association, one of the owners says that.

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