Rotofix Rotating Biological Contactor - Camping des Érables, QC, Canada


Courtesy of Premier Tech Aqua

Customer: Camping des Érables, Owners: Félix Allard and Reine Boisvert

Opened in 1955, Camping des Érables is located on the shores of well-known Brome Lake in the Eastern Townships. It operates year-round (permanent residents) and, during high season, provides 300 campsites. In fact, Camping des Érables is among the 15% of Quebec campgroups that are open 12 months of the year.


As soon as the camp began operating in the 50s, Camping des Érables installed a system of barrels to collect their
wastewater. In the 80s, further to a government requirement to bring their system up to standard, a conventional system (drainfield) was installed. After some 20 years of operation, with a growing clientele and a higher flow of wastewater to be treated, the existing drainfield no longer met environmental requirements. In addition, some of the homes and businesses in Brome Lake were connected to the sewer system.


The owners of Camping des Érables had absolutely no intention of connecting to the sewer system because of the municipal taxes involved. They looked for a stand-alone solution that would ensure quality effluent (near a sensitive zone) and best manage operating costs. Since this business is mostly seasonal, the system had to be able to treat varying flows during a same year. Finally, the solution had to have a small footprint to maximize the number of revenue-making campsites.


With the support of the Premier Tech Aqua team, the Poly-Tech Group, an environmental and civil engineering consulting firm, designed and installed an ultra compact Rotofix plant that merged with the surroundings, with disposal in a water course. In fact, the sedimentation tanks are directly under the plant, minimizing footprint and saving ground space for campsites. Because of its modular design, the Rotofix can operate at full capacity during the summer season and at reduced capacity during the slow season, without affecting its expected treatment performance.

Dimensions of the building
1032 pi² (96 m²)


Design criteria
Design flow = 108 m³ per day
Concentration of BOD5 at septic tank inlet= 280 mg/L
Concentration of suspended solids at septic tank inlet = 280 mg/L
Disposal goals:

  • BOD5 25 mg/L
  • Suspended solids 25 mg/L
  • Fecal coliforms < 200 UFC/100 mL

Sampling results

  • BOD5 < 3 mg/L
  • Suspended solids 10 mg/L
  • Fecal coliforms < 10 UFC/100 mL

The expected treatment performance was attained at all times (peak season and slow season), thereby protecting the environment and especially the sensitive Brome Lake zone. As well, it is satisfying to know that no campsites, the main source of income, were sacrificed.

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