Royal visit to NILU`s Zeppelin station

Tuesday 26th of July 2005, Prince Albert of Monaco visited the research station Zeppelin, where Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) performs atmospheric research on a global scale.

Senior Scientist Kim Holmén at NILU, gave a lecture for the prince on the subject of `Changes in arctic atmosphere caused by humans`. The prince impressed everyone with his knowledge of, and interest in environmental issues.

Prince Albert’s visit was a commemoration of his great-great grandfathers pioneer expeditions to the arctic region.

Royal visit to NILU's Zeppelin station

The Zeppelin-station

The Zeppelin-station is situated on the Zeppelin Mountain at 474 meters above sea level in Ny-Ålesund on the west coast of Svalbard (79 degrees north latitude).

Due to its location in an undisturbed Arctic environment the station is a `natural laboratory` for regional, national and global research and monitoring of the atmosphere.

Activities include: Atmospheric studies, research on marine and terrestrial ecosystems, glaciers, physical properties of snow and ice, surface energy balance and solar radiaton.

Royal visit to NILU's Zeppelin station

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